(robert) maryanski of franklinville, john a

    To put it simply, is a film about a 7 year old boy from Texas named Mason (portrayed by Ellar Coltrane with silent bravado) who comes of age as the camera rolls. Rumored to be a top contender for an Academy Award for Best Picture, the film gets its appeal not only from its unique production it took 12 years to film but also from Richard Linklater's impeccable direction. Sure, "Boyhood" is not your typical Oscar contender (there are no kings suffering from stutters or people dealing with social oppression), but its themes of personal identity, adolescence and seizing the day have the power to deeply resonate with audiences.
The 300 episode milestone is a huge one for "Grey's Anatomy," which debuted in 2005 and is in 14th season. Thursday on ABC. The doctors recall their pasts while treating people injured when a roller coaster car falls at a county fair. Life does pass in front of you when you flip a car like that. You hope that mentally and emotionally, he can come back and not just physically. But I would like to see a 100% Spence against a 100% Crawford because that would be size, strength and will against skills, instincts and will, said Atlas on Crawford..
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We have said since the end of the season, getting a deal done with Grady is our priority, Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said. The franchise tag to him does not change that in any way. Our aim is for Grady to be an integral part of our plan for many years to come and this allows us to extend our negotiating window.
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